83-Year-Old Grandma Sees A Piano In A Store. When She Starts Playing, They Know She’s A Musical Genius

Classically-trained, Melbourne musician Natalie Trayling has been wowing crowds for years around the city and at various department stores. At one point, she was reportedly “a fixture at the Victoria Hotel” where she resided for a while and regularly played piano in Melbourne’s City Library. More recently, Natalie resurfaced at the David Jones department store where she transformed the ordinary department store into a first-class concert hall.

When she was 80 years old, back in 2015, Natalie became an online sensation when a YouTube video featuring her playing the piano went viral – with over three million views. Since then, the musician-turned-street performer has reportedly become ill.

It has been years since the pianist at the David Jones department store has seen Natalie come into the store to perform. When she arrived one day, he immediately jumped out of his seat to welcome her. Honored to be in the presence of such talent, the pianist gave up his seat to Natalie and she played her magical masterpiece…