Love may be an essential thing for your relationship to start yet respect is the thing that will prop it up. Ensure that he respect your considerations and choices whether he concurs with them or not.

Here are 28 Things women should never put up with in a relationship

1. He’s lazy

2. He makes you cry

3. He beat the crap out of you every day

4. He doesn’t have manners

5. He never checks up on you

6. He doesn’t believe in girl power!

7. He Disrespect you

8. Always Cheating: Once a cheater, always a cheater

10. He shouts at you

11. He swears at you

12. He’s always picking a fight

13. He flirts with a million other girls

14. He treats Like you’re a piece of property

15. Inability to give you orgasms

16. He never asks you what’s wrong

17. He doesn’t pay for dinner on special occasions

18. He never takes you out

19. He doesn’t refer to you as his ‘girlfriend’ or Wife

20. He’s a compulsive liar

21. He DM girls like he’s something special

21. He never compliments you

22. He breaks up with you and regrets it

23. Disrespecting your family/friends

24. Giving you attitude about sex

25. He’s always accusing you of Cheating

26. Always Refusal to do household chores

27. He messes with your mind

28. Always throwing your past at you in wrong ways