According to recent research, eating lunch with your mom, at least once a week, can actually extend her life and improve its quality.

Recent research at the University of Carolina, San Francisco, shows that loneliness plays a very important role in the decline of older adults. The study was conducted on 1,600 adults, at 71 years of age, on average. And, even though the participants had a high socioeconomic and health status, they had a high mortality rate due to loneliness.  In other words, lonely people die earlier than people who have company.

In a period of 6 years, about 23 percent of the lonely participants died, compared to only 14 percent of participants who had good company.

Barbara Moscowitz, a gerontological social worker, says that we all need people who value us, know us, bring us joy, and who would never disappear. And it may be the experience in life, but the elderly value these kinds of relationships greatly.

When you’re older, you bring more experience and value to your friendships, and you’re more tolerant of the idiosyncrasies and imperfections. You know what you want to keep in your life, and what’s worth fighting for.

Thus, it’s important to encourage the relationships in our lives, to develop our mental and physical abilities, especially at old age. For example, elderly people can always try to enrich their lives in assisted living facilities. In this way, the arrangements of living will provide them with more ways to connect, mix, and thrive.

Reading these facts was a revealing factor to me. I started spending more time with my grandma and grandpa, and with my mom and dad. The family weekend lunches became a symbol of our gatherings, and time spent together in good company and love! Also, I learned so much from their stories and experiences, and of course, now I know all their secret cooking recipes.

6 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Your Mom

Here we show you a few tips on how to spend more quality time with your mom.

1. Eat Together

At least two times a week, bring her a breakfast in bed. If you already have kids on your own, eat lunch with her on the weekends, or go out on a dinner at least once a month.

2. Plan Your Schedule

Make some time in your busy schedule for your mom. Try hiking or biking. Or go to an art or history museum.

3. Try Something New

Have you ever tried kayaking? This is a great activity to renew the bonds with your mom.

4. Spend One Whole Day Together

Go to a beauty salon, and get a haircut, massage, or facial. You can also take a relaxing break in the spa.

5. Watch A Movie

Take your mom to the cinema, to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

6. Take A Walk

You can always go to the nearest park and take a nice, long walk. This will give you enough time to share your feelings and thoughts.

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