When you first watch this video, you may think that it is recorded under the bright lights of the stage, but Dr Elvis Francois is actually singing in a different type of theatre. An operating theatre. 

Surgeons have a stressful job. The lives of their patients are in their hands and the operation could change someone’s life either for better or worse. So it’s understandable that doctors need to find ways to calm themselves and distract from the important job they have to do. This doctor has found his calmness through the healing power of music.
Dr Elvis Francois is an orthopaedic surgeon at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and he is not only a talented doctor but has another impressive skill set. The doctor has the voice of an angel.

Taking a pause between spine trauma surgeries, he regained his strength and composure by singing and, luckily for us, he filmed a brief snippet for us to listen to and enjoy. Singing the popular song, ‘Feeling good’, Dr Elvis’ showcases his amazing talent.

Dr Elvis Francois is a big believer that ‘music is medicine’ and I couldn’t agree more. His voice would have the perfect soothing affect before going into surgery. I wonder if he sings to his patients like this…
Watch the short video for yourself to witness his velvety tones. I keep replaying it over and over again, listening to his powerful pipes. I bet this video will certainly leave you ‘feeling good’ afterwards.
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